East Metro Wave Advantage

There are several AAU basketball programs out there. Why choose East Metro Wave? It’s simple.



Our coaching staff has coached hundreds of games at the traveling, AAU, and high school levels. In addition, we’ve conducted numerous camps, clinics, individual, and group workout sessions.


We understand the expensive nature of AAU basketball. We aim to keep those costs down for your family, while still offering your son or daughter great instruction and a great basketball experience.


We started East Metro Wave to bring a high quality, out-of-season basketball program to the East Side of the Twin Cities. Driving across town for an hour doesn’t have to be your only option. All practices are held in Cottage Grove.

Basketball Pillars


Individual Skill Development

This is a major focus of our program. We expect that our players will leave our program as more fundamental, skilled basketball players. We spend more time with individual skills than anything else during our fast paced practices.


Teaching the Game of Basketball

Our program not only aims to improve individual physical skills, but to also improve each player’s basketball IQ, or understanding of the game. The East Metro Wave prides itself on teaching players what to do in specific game situations. We teach how to play the game of basketball, not basketball plays.


Emphasis on Fundamentals

The basis of any great player is their fundamentals. In times of stress or struggle on the court, fundamentals are what you can rely on to slow the game down and get yourself out of trouble. We stress the importance of fundamentals in the areas of footwork, proper offensive and defensive stance, ball handling, shooting form, and passing.


Sound Defensively

We emphasize strong team person-to-person defense. Stressing the importance of positioning on and off the ball, talking, helping on defense, blocking out and pursuing the ball. This is what makes the East Metro Wave competitive and close-knit teams.


Fast Offensively

The Wave want to push the ball anytime we can, while teaching our players when to attack and when to slow it down. We want to win the easy basket battle. This offense will showcase our player's individual skills in a team setting. We stress the importance of offensive rebounding while having the intelligence to have good floor balance and not give up easy baskets.

boys team 2.JPG

Team Cohesiveness

Possibly the most important aspect of our program is our coaching staff. Our number one priority with each player is to build a positive player-coach relationship. In doing so, this will make players in our program more eager and excited to come into each practice and each game to work hard to become a better player and teammate.