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The East Metro Wave Difference

East Metro Wave provides a positive off-season basketball experience by employing experienced coaches, creating family-friendly schedules and encouraging multi-sport athletes to continue to do so while playing basketball. 

We maintain these three components all while improving individual skills, basketball IQ, and fundamentals. We don't teach them basketball plays, we teach them how to play basketball. 

Who We Are


The Best Coaches

On average our coaches have 15+ years of experience. Our staff includes coaches who have experience coaching youth, high school and college basketball teams. Several of these coaches have won awards voted on by their peers. Check out our coaches page for individual coaches bios. 

The Most Family Friendly Schedule

We are one of the only, if not the only AAU club that gives parents some autonomy in what weekends we play. We feel that parents know what is best in prioritizing their families' needs on any given night. We trust you to choose when basketball is the priority. 

Multi-Sport Athletes Welcome

All too often athletes are being made to pick a sport and specialize at a very young age. We have proven we can provide a very positive experience while participating in other activities. 

What We Do


Spring Season

East Metro Wave specializes in customizing seasons to fit the needs of our families.  We want to make AAU basketball work for you and your family. If you have a group of kids who want to play, but need a special schedule, contact us! Let us know what you need and we will do our best to make a season work for you. 

A typical season runs approximately from early April through mid-June.  Teams practice twice a week and play in 5-7 tournaments.  Each player receives a gear pack.  The gear pack changes every year but includes things like a shooting shirt, t-shirt, and shorts.  


Our tryouts are mainly geared to find players for our spring seasons, but they also provide a great opportunity to work with our fine staff and improve basketball skills. We encourage players to come for either reason. 


We provide training opportunities throughout the year. These include large group trainings that are the best bargain there is in town ($15 for 3-4 trainings). These usually occur during the summer and fall. We also provide individual and small group trainings. These can happen year round depending on the circumstance. Please contact us to set up these opportunities. 

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