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Coach J Schwartz

I have 16 years of high school coaching experience at all levels, including as a varsity head coach. My primary focuses are on improving players’ individual skills, stressing the fundamentals, teaching intense defensive principles, and playing an up-tempo offensive style. As director of the East Metro Wave, I believe we can create a team-centered program that fully develops our players’ individual skills. If you choose to be a part of our program your player will leave our program a better individual player on both ends of the floor, an exemplary teammate, a student of the game, and a great person.

Contact Coach Schwartz: jschwartz@eastmetrowave.com


Coach Anthony Brant

I’m an ex-player who never lost passion for the game! When I first started playing I was the last player to make it on our 9th grade B team. Through hard work and dedication I worked my way up to be able to finish as an All-Conference player at Tartan High School. I started my college career at Vermilion Community College where I averaged 20.7 points per game, 22nd in the nation among NJCAA Division III players. I finished my playing Career at a division II university, Fresno Pacific. I approach coaching the same way I approached playing: HIGH ENERGY, Positivity, and MAXimum effort.

Contact Coach Brant: anthonyb@airborneathletics.com

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Coach Dan Schueller

I grew up in Cottage Grove, MN, where I played basketball from the youth level all the way through varsity at Park High School, graduating in 2008. This will be my 3rd year coaching, with most of my experience having come from coaching 6th and 7th grade boys. My favorite part about coaching is watching a team grow through the season, from practice to practice and ultimately translating what they’ve learned to game situations. My passion and energy from my playing days has translated to my coaching style. I use that passion to motivate the team to not only develop their basketball skills and intelligence, but also become better teammates and people.

Contact Coach Schueller: danieljschueller@gmail.com

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Coach Garrett Pokela

I’ve played basketball from the time I could barely pick up a basketball all the way through my senior year of high school (2006), where I played varsity at Park. I’ve been a basketball referee since graduating high school, so I have good understanding of the rules of the game as well as positive and negative sideline etiquette. I’ve also been the head coach for 7th and 8th grade boys since 2013. I’m a true believer in the idea that a team’s success is measured by how much time and effort each player invests in developing his/her individual skills. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Contact Coach Pokela: gpokela16@gmail.com


Coach Eric Prose

I’ve been coaching for more than 20 years. From 2004-2016, I was the varsity assistant at Park High School for the girls program. The past 3 years, I was the head coach at Mahtomedi High School, where we won 2 conference championships and I was back-to-back section Coach of the Year. I currently coach for the East Metro Wave and do individual training and coordinate small group workouts all year round.

I believe in teaching all aspects of the game. The players that come out of the East Metro Wave will have a higher basketball IQ. Players will get 100% from me as a coach and your kids will get better. I'm a big believer in multi-sport athletes. East Metro Wave caters to athletes that play other sports. I would love the opportunity to help your athletes get to where they want to go in basketball.

Contact Coach Prose: eprose@sowashco.org