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what we do

When our Director, J Schwartz, founded East Metro Wave for his daughter in 2018, he wanted to create a program that emphasized fundamental basketball skills.  This is the three-part system he developed, honed from his years of coaching varsity basketball, that he knew would help every player transform their game.

Individual Skill Development

At least half of our practice time is dedicated to individual skill development.  We see a dramatic improvement in players' individual skills from the beginning of the season to the end.

Teaching the Game

Our program aims to improve each player’s basketball IQ. East Metro Wave prides itself on teaching players what to do in specific game situations. We don't teach basketball plays.  We teach how to play basketball.

Emphasis on Fundamentals

In times of stress on the court, fundamentals are what you can rely on to get yourself out of trouble. We train players on fundamentals in the areas of footwork, proper offensive and defensive stance, ball handling, shooting form, and passing.

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